case 3: designing spreadsheet

designing the carry mark spreadsheet

I don’t have the luxury to repeat my sense of ignorance which I did during my Fall 2012 and Spring 2013. I cared my carry marks the less like they were merely numbers. So, with the better strategies and planning, I think I want to try the MS Excel to calculate my on-going carry marks and all.

Designing the blueprint is kinda easy, and then find the boilerplate on the net so you know which formulas could be use, and the last step is to design the spreadsheet. Not a big problem… and I’m just making it like a big deal here. Hek ~

I think… all of us should trying to do things digitally and systematically.


the workspace

battle station

It was a sleepy afternoon, and my bed wasn’t cozy as it should be. I decided to sketch things that were running wild inside my mind, hence I produced this one. I made a raw sketch of my own workstation. Hopefully when I got a house for myself (both when I’m on my Degree in a monthly-rented house and when I got my very own house), this would be the basic template of my workstation.

I might put a whiteboard in front of the primary workstation and a soft-board in front of the printer desk. And also, I will consider a mini-server / desktop rack inside my room. This might be my bedroom as well. Just prepare 2 pillows and a blanket, and I shall sleep happily.

note: low-budget setup for a growing nerd.