roughly, 94fs v3 is ready… roughly

Over 2 days working relentlessly and caffeinated to get the site done, as far as I could tell the site is ready for the relaunch. It is now presentable with 25 articles were ported into v3 (23 articles from 1994s and 2 articles from NightlyArt Frontier. I already closed down Frontier because 94fs project serves much more clear purpose on its existence).

In this development update summary, I’d be covering the plugins we have activated so far (the list might expand, situational), the taxonomies of the articles and the front-end design.


7 core plugins installed so far which are Akismet for spam protection, JetPack for added functionality, MP6 admin back-end UI for more simple dashboard, ShadowBox JS as the image LightBox UI, WordPress SEO by Yoast (because I want to edit the meta and some of the page-based settings), and lastly WP-Optimize to keep the database clean and.. yeah, optimized.

plugins in 94fs

Thanks to JetPack, embedding YouTube Vimeo Flickr SoundCloud and few more online services can be less intimidating then 2 years ago. If you have your own self-hosted WordPress running, consider JetPack, and it’ll help you a lot.

I might include more plugins in the near future, but most of them are situational plugins. Less plugins mean the website uses less resource, less hogging and resource-friendly. We are not on dedicated server environment.

FYI I latched 2 JS libraries to the theme to make the site looks a bit bouncy, namely the jQuery and jQuery Easing (with jQuery NiceScroll activated). I might be looking forward to include jQuery Lazy Load and caching, but again.. those are situational.


In WordPress, taxonomy is another thing you’d want to consider after publishing your piece(s). Basically, taxonomy is a way to group things together by using the Categories and Tags features on WordPress. As I write this I have created 9 categories (in Blogspot, you call it Label) and I don’t think the list might grow.

the taxonomies of 94fs

As for Tags, some people rampantly use it for SEO purpose but here in 94fs, Tags will be used to indicate something special about the certain specific article(s), as an example all of the 25 articles right now on 94fs are tagged with 1994s because they were originally written on Tags will be used to indicate Event or Special Cause, outside the boundary of Categories (that’s why I said Categories won’t grow.. maybe I think).

Front-End Design: GreenPoint Lab Home Builder

I had my fear towards magazine-based WordPress theme before but I’m lucky because GreenPoint Setting, although quite elaborate like other themes’ setting manager, it is easier to nail down the homepage builder is like tickling cat’s abs without getting any scratch on my wrist. Ok bad analogy.

green point the option

My point here, the homepage builder offers flexibility to sort the homepage by using drag and drop editing style, and it is future-proof. Meaning that if I want to highlight certain categories in the future I can easily do it.

All In All

Can’t wait for people to surge into our website. We redesigned the blog because in our mind, we want to give my pleasure in reading. Next time maybe I’d be covering few CSS hacks. Yeay!


94fs development update; porting old articles

I have to admit that past few days I was disinclined to work and strolling around on the net, playing DotA 2 and reading random articles. Today is Monday, and I’m compelled to scour every single to-do it note on my desk and start working on the blog. So now, let’s hunt for the old golds.

porting articles

There were 170 articles posted on the old 94fs ( I cherry-picked few articles, and now the list contains 23 pieces ready to be formatted before they get ported into 94fs v3.

Remember, I’m perfectionist when it comes to data organization.

So I need to remove all the formattings (bolds, indents, italics) and all articles must be formatted to justify. Then I need to propose sections and labels to the rest of the crews and wait for further suggestions before the site is fully ready.

20 days left, and I do think cutting some slack is highly possible. Haha.

postscript: I’ve mailed Linenity’s developer, asking them to give me instructions on how to style the WordPress theme. Never handled such elaborate theme option panel before.

94fs Dev – The Rig

94fs-dev cover photo

As you all know, I got reigned as the head of virtual research and development (vRnD) for 94fs (pronounced as Ninety-Force). I’m an advocate of Open Source and Open Data Culture, I was conjured by the ethereal voices to write the tech-breakdown entries about it on this blog.

The motivation to write came from my inner self; I love writing, and I found myself prone to wreak havoc on the cyber space due to my writing (I know I exaggerate). Secondly, I aim to crowdsource (and to crowd-fund too, because I got no extra money) for this project in which I’m expecting comments, suggestions, and ideas to perch on this blog.

postscript 1: Let me tell you this. I’m quite narcissist, and I think I’m better than any mere mortals living on this earth. Haha. Just kidding.

Hush. Let’s play hide and clap.

In this introduction entry to the 94fs Dev, let’s meet the gadgets.

My Beloved Neutrino

neutrino anarchy

Nothing can happen if I don’t own a laptop, and I’m pleased to introduce you my MacBook Pro 13-inch named as Neutrino Anarchy. I bought this with my first semester MARA allowance (long story cut short, I got the money after first semester ended, and I got no lust on smartphones). Why MacBook. Why didn’t I go with ASUS or something cheaper?

I want to get the best out of myself by using the best tool.

The Main Communication Device

Atherios Ekaterina

Previously Galaxy Y was the only gadget got its own space for my pants but few weeks ago that privilege was denied by my Lumia 520. You might say “euww still low-end phone”, but as aforementioned, I got no lust on smartphones. Worth my bucks if I’m talking on the aspect of price-performance.

Sooner or later, iPhone will deny both. Haha.

My Very Own Head

Over the years I have accumulated experiences. I registered myself as forumer in 2008 (when I was in Form 2). Autumn 2009 (after I finished my PMR), my first foray into forum administration was fruitful (phpBB and myBB), but none of them lasted. But at least I earned the experiences. In our 94fs, I might not want to organize a forum board (I’m subjected to the majority’s voice, however) but I’m ready with the plan, minimally (will go with Vanilla, or Reddit).

As for now, our plan is to resurrect the blog with all-new theme. Pray for our success.

Closing Words

With more than 3 weeks left, I’m not in the favor of rushing everything towards the deadline. I welcome any suggestion. Got a burning question (I won’t give cold response, tho), drop your words at aizanfahri[at] and you’ll be entertained.

As always, thanks for reading.

postscript 2: The crews!

94fs tiles

An obviously lazy Ps artwork. Actually, there should be more faces.. but I was really lazy to track and hunt the images, selfie preferably.

94fs theme-proofing

It has been a rough week. I’m finalizing every university applications (boatloads of money got pocketed few days ago, I’m ready to be an intelligent spendthrift by paying universities’ application fee), I’m repairing clients’ laptops (generating money, the easy way. Just sit down and pretend being a geek), helping with house chores, and few more stuffs.

Since I had sworn my loyalty towards the research and development of 94fs (and as I proposed couple of months ago), a completely revamped version of 94fs could favor us more visitors and more engagement with audience. So today proudly I’d like to declare that a new WordPress theme pack “Linenity” has been purchased.


Designed with magazine layout.
Added with responsiveness (fits easily on every screen size).
And it looks very nice with the color composition.

As usual, every complex theme comes with a learning curve to be understood. Pray us luck, so we can live today and tomorrow by contributing our thoughts and ideas in the written form.

We serve ideas,
Because everybody deserves nourishments.

– Aizan Fahri, 2013.