Ritchie the tiger, I am

[I was staring blankly at my text editor for few minutes, because I didn’t know what should I be writing, hence I wrote about my writer’s block so at least my fingers started working]

It was afternoon past 2pm. Felt like an angel ruffled my thinking cubicle for which I chose to check my email account, then I checked my account at SUNY Buffalo SMART status. Both admission and i20 were pending (and still pending at the moment I write this).

pending status SMART

Out of the blue, I fired my keyboard and navigated to myRIT. Again, I stared blankly.

For 2 minutes.

Because I got admitted!

RIT admission decision

2013 spring? Really? Glitch? I sent an email to Mark McFee, asking for confirmation, and here’s the response.

RIT system glitch

Again, I stared blankly, and I forgot how to jump in enjoyment (because my butts were glued so hard). So, staring it blankly I did. 2 minutes. I didn’t look at my watch, but I’m certain. 2 minutes.

So, what’s next?

what to do next

I. Can. Waive. USD300. Admission. Deposit.

I think the time has come. I should prepare my speech prior to departure, plan what should I bring to the States (keropok lekor, sambal belacan.. maybe), I should get out awhile from my room and go the nearby road rolling on it for 2 minutes with total disregard of traffic. I should request royal military to bang the sky with 21 rounds of cannonball so my departure would be heard by the taxpayers. Thanks for the money though.

Oh, who’s Ritchie?

That’s the mascot for RIT.

What am I writing?


postscript: Wait. I’m still waiting for SUNY Buffalo.


[QuickUpdate] SUNY Buffalo yeah!

Seems to me the problem is solved.

so the problem is solved

This kind of sorcery, it happens rarely for only few lucky occasions.

postscript: This is a QuickUpdate. I’ll revisit this thing later on.

SUNY UB: need more prerequisite courses

I’ve been emailing SUNY Buffalo Biotechnology Department for a week, just to check whether we the Biotech students of INTEC can enter SUNY Buffalo for Fall 2014 (intended for Biotechnology).

First of all, what’s so special about this SUNY Buffalo? The images flickered, projected into typical Malaysian when we talk about Biotechnology is “the field of studying plant, and creating the alternative for oil for the fuel industry using biomass”. Ok, that’s quite inaccurate.

First, do read Wikipedia about Biotechnology.
Second, please read the job prospects.
Third, stop making unreliable speculations.

I’m taking Biotechnology, and I don’t really like studying plants. In fact, I’m pursuing my career path to be a medical scientist, and I want to specialize in Pharmacology.

Then, the images of studying medicine come into shape. That’s why we look at SUNY Buffalo, because the Biotechnology department is hosted under Faculty of Medicine, virtually giving us chances to don the lab coat and to look cute like a doctor.

But then, our dream to enter SUNY Buffalo close to gradually diminish.


Through the email, I was told that to enter as a Transfer student, intended in Biotechnology, you must’ve completed these subjects:


What’s next? Just sit, and do nothing. Pray that RIT will accept me. Or else, I have to opt for another alternatives.

postscript 1: What is meant by intended as in intended biotechnology?

postscript 2: Opting for MSU? Great, their Biotech program is hosted under Plant Breeding, Genetics and Biotechnology Program.

postscript 3: Upon looking at this, I’m swallowing lump. Big. Hard.

pharmacology there at SUNY UB

sending TOEFL score report.

Ouch. USD18 x 3 = USD54. And, obviously, USD means money (duh).

I had done my TOEFL long long time ago and I scored a blazingly nuclear blast of flying colors result; 102/120 *over-excited*. But then, I’m not here to boast how good I am conversing english and my proficiency on it because TOEFL is relatively easier (to my realization, yup) to any other english proficiency test. As for now, let’s send the score report. First of all, we need to understand the rule of sending score report.

TOEFL score report_0

1. You can view the score after 10 days taking the test.
2. You can add, delete or change score recipients no later than 10:00pm, local test center time the day before your test.
3. After that time, you can have score report sent to additional institutions or agencies for a fee.
4. You can send your scores up to 4 recipients as part of your test fee (before you take the test).

So, yeah. I took it on January 2013, and now I want to send the score reports. The fee?

USD 18. I want to send the reports to 3 universities, which means I need to pay USD 54. Awesome? Yes.

:: the steps

TOEFL score report_1

The next steps afterward should be self-explanatory. Easy, and don’t be lazy to read the on-screen instructions.

TOEFL score report_3

For RIT, the university code is 2760. Ok then, proceed.

TOEFL score report_4

And yes, please pay.

biotechnology Spring 2014, SUNY Buffalo

biotechnology fall UB

Thanks to Joe for pointed out ‘an error’ for the application to SUNY Buffalo. Navigate your browser to this page and search for Biotechnology. Looks like we, the Spring guys, got no luck to enter SUNY Buffalo (Biotechnology major) as for Spring 2014 intake.

suny buffalo problem

But wait, we are not that ‘unlucky’. By using a smidgen amount of logic, we could still enter SUNY Buffalo but we can’t enter Biotechnology department until Fall 2014 term. However, this theory isn’t rock solid and it doesn’t really hold water because I have no information about it. I just forwarded this problem to OSSP through email, and hoping for a fix soon.

applying to SUNY Buffalo

Putting 89% effort on completing this application. I want this university, but still I’m compelled to do extra research.

working on the application

SUNY Buffalo (also known as University at Buffalo, or UB) is a public research university. Yes, a state-funded university. This university, however, is considered as the safe school for engineering but a good choice for biotechnology. Rolling admission. You will get the admission result after 10 days you finished the application completely.

I had a chat with the staff. I’m transferring to this university.

as a transfer student

INTEC is scheduled for Eid holiday starting July 3 (last day). So tomorrow I will text En. Din for further confirmation/consultation/dossier postage fee. Regarding the admission fee, I need to pay USD50 (approx. MYR150).

SUNY Buffalo admission fee

* * * * *

postscript 1: Sorry for the long hiatus. I’ll explain about my disappearance on this blog tomorrow (I guess). It is 2am already, and I need to wake up at 4:30am for before-the-dawn meal (sahoor).

postscript 2: SUNY 2014 application has been opened. I’m applying for Spring 2014. For those who wanna apply for Fall 2014, it is good for you to do so now.

SOR, FAS and translated SPM certificate

Hi guys, another update for your dossier and US university application. Before I start, you need to know what SOR stands for Statement of Results andĀ FAS means Financial Affidavit Statement. Let’s talk about these 2 things first. As for my case, I need to ask INTEC’s OSSP to provide me the SOR for my Fall 2012 – Summer 2013 results. The OSSP officer said “you send me the dossiers and I’ll put those SOR inside it”. So, that settles it. Btw, I have no picture for the SOR. Sorry.

Talking about FAS, my case is a bit different. Instead of using OSSP as the intermediary to request the FAS from my sponsor (MARA), I need to step into MARA’s office at Jalan Raja Laut by myself. My friends said to me that to request the FAS, we only have to fill a form and give it to OSSP. See, I’m always treated as special one. And, unfortunately, this is quite a drag.

For the SPM slip, OSSP already have the translated version. Tadaaa….

translation of SPM cert

So you don’t really need to translate it.

That’s for now. Goodbye.