“feeling down” was drafted, then ditched

feeling down - ditched

I was about to write a new article for NightlyArt Frontier, but then I ditched my digital drafts along with the edited images. I was out of willpower to write another lengthy article, mainly due to the assignments in my hands and letter(s) that I need to write.

I didn’t ditch it completely. The physical draft is still here, and I think it is appropriate for me to write the gist of it on Revival.

  • The Conventional Advice

The same advice that constantly reverberate in your life. Do a lot of practice, attend academic programs, know what you’re doing, counsel with educators so on and so forth.

  • The Unconventional Advice

I’m gonna step further in the world of psychology, to understand better about surrounding. Arrays of arcane terms might appear (as sketched on my drafts, but it is up to me whether to use it or not). This part constitutes about The Law of Lopsided Inertia (which I picked from Tina Seelig’s book), The Pygmalion/Rosenthal Effect, The Script Kiddie Methodology (self-coined term).

  • Closing Words

“Undivided attention is quite impossible for mediocre, but lengthening attention span has never been an impossible task”

The theory above stemmed from the theory of Mental Chronometry. To clock up Mental Chronometry isn’t really helpful, but to instigate senses into series of chain reactions is the best thing about hacking the Mental Chronometry.

  • Special Tips

For form 4 students this year, make sure that your 2-months year end holiday is going to be filled with extra tuition classes. It does help.

  • Why did I intend to do this?

Because I don’t want Circle of Ignorance brings unfavorable repercussions. I don’t want it to be a constant to the equation of students’ misery.

p/s: Since most of NightlyArt’s branches are going to be set into motion soon, I shall make this as another personal whitepaper under Mel St. Claire Soul Research Laboratory.

Update on June 18, 6:24 AM

Shower second-guessed my theory on The Law of Lopsided Inertia. I modded the name a bit, The Law of Lopsided Inertia and Willpower Drafting. I thought Willpower Coupling was more dandy, but the name didn’t fit its explanation. Anyhow, Willpower Slipstreaming may fit it. Let’s see how it goes.

p/s: Shower consistently gives me extra boosts to my ideas.


happy circle, May 20

I did few interesting remarks during the recent happy circle session. Revival’s my Post-it Note because I don’t know where should I put all of them.

  • ROI and the purpose of life; How Allah has taught us about entrepreneurship indirectly.
  • Linear-Directive Feedback Topology (contrary to the orthodox belief about efforts and results).
  • (2; 186)
  • I’m a rising full-fledged Indexer, and I’d like to introduce some.

Maybe I’ll write on NightlyArt Frontier about all of these 🙂

p/s: Point 1, 2 and 4 are mine. Point 3 is not.