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the nauseating feeling. I shouldn’t have done this.

It has been weeks of successful abandonment and ignorance of piles of books and desk lamp, so what should I see it was coming whenever I try to reinitiate the motion of secluding myself chugging information and knowledge from the textbook? Nauseating dizziness and the feeling of overloaded brain.

Yes, it has been weeks (I won’t say months) I haven’t put myself under duress for the sake of studying. Few days ago, I encountered few cognitive problems the moment I was defrosting my brain. Now, what do I do?

  • Custom trigger. Sometimes when you want to deter procrastination, you created custom sets of commands or trigger, in this sense it means something that can make you pumped up to do something. My current configuration of custom command that I’m using right now is the combo of caffeine intake and dopamine stimulant (background musics from certain anime).

For background musics I use SAO Battle Soundtrack and Final Mission – Quantum Burst. So far, both help.

  • Making myself feel guilty. Simple, I surround myself with books, and I put any internet-connected devices away from my sight. It is enough to put gadgets behind me when I am reading or writing.
  • Perhaps to fix this issue completely I’d go more radical. I am quite accustomed to the scientific analysis methodology so I think after this I’ll log my study activity in the MS Excel Spreadsheet and carry out data analysis. Graphs and charts ftw!

p/s: To whine “argh I can’t study” without providing solution is visceral and emits no benefit. That’s why we need solution once the problem is identified.


coordinating efficiency, really?

First thing, I have to ask myself “am I really want to level up my skills in team management?”. If I said no, I’d be a total doofus. If I said “yes”, then I should explain my working schematics.

I’m looking forward to having a life with executive-tier efficiency coordinating a team, making sure things are done the way they should be done. Even if something is screwed, still I’m able and capable of rewriting the story without much hiccups. That sounds magical, near miracle, but I assure you it’s not, if you know what it takes to be such that person.

I believe that my brain is like a pool of ideas, a tank of plans and strategies.. but a stagnant pool might one day become shallower and could evaporated into dry, dirty muddy land. The question here is: how to make sure the pool gonna have some flow.

As for now, I’m using staging planning mechanics to execute my plans orderly and systematically (so far, yeah..) given with specific timeline. Let me show you my Asana account. I have tasks that are going to be peer-reviewed, pending task waiting for completion, back burner task which are situational, and action steps which are the imminent threats.

management crew 94fs

If you let your ideas jump directly from being a mere idea into action steps without weighing its mass, I’m not sure what will it be but to me it is not a good practice. Some ideas I don’t announce directly after it flied into my mind, rather I keep it with me until the situation is desirable.

I hope this tiny piece could inspire you.

Closing Words

For most of the time, I know I’m lying to myself regarding productivity. Let’s turn the tide.

Ouh, FYI I’m the crew of 94fs. If you think the site is cool, make yourself a space to read the articles. If you think you are hipster enough, consider reading this.

Desolator? Monkey King Bar?

My first hero in DotA 2 when I started playing it on 21 July was Sniper (my favorite hero, and now I have a penchant of using Sniper excessively other than Phantom Lancer, Spirit Breaker and Lion). My concern in this post about the late game item.

monkey king bar and desolator

Between MKB and Deso, what’s your pick as the main late-game-item? What I realized after playing a lots of games (5 matches for player vs player, and I don’t know how many I have played for co-op bot), Sniper would pick Deso regardless he is player or bot.

“The best sniper is the hidden sniper” was the comment on my style of picking Deso first on Reddit few days ago. When you got Deso for Sniper you’re firing flare-like projectiles, not tiny little bullets anymore. So one can gauge Sniper’s position right away after the projectiles being shot, and if the sniper has no Shadow Blade, good luck I bid.

Shadow Blade is quite imperative on heroes with no escape mechanism.

The best thing about Deso is it’s ability to weaken opponent’s psychology, as far as I’m concerned.

“That sniper got Deso, gank him first” is the popular phrase when opponent’s Sniper wields Deso. Its flame-like flare artillery boosts the wielder’s spirit while at the same time scares the other side shitlessly.

What about MKB then?

Bang for the buck, worth more than Deso if you know. Its attributes constitute more damage than Deso with Mini Bash (stunner) and True Strike (your attack won’t miss). Mini-Bash is something you don’t need on Sniper (because of the passive skill Headshot) but if you’re playing Drow or any ranged heroes, stunning would come in handy.

What’s your pick then?

MKB first, then Deso. That’s my new preference.

first hero I played

Playing Sniper? Harass a lot, you must. Melee heroes are your meal.

Ritchie the tiger, I am

[I was staring blankly at my text editor for few minutes, because I didn’t know what should I be writing, hence I wrote about my writer’s block so at least my fingers started working]

It was afternoon past 2pm. Felt like an angel ruffled my thinking cubicle for which I chose to check my email account, then I checked my account at SUNY Buffalo SMART status. Both admission and i20 were pending (and still pending at the moment I write this).

pending status SMART

Out of the blue, I fired my keyboard and navigated to myRIT. Again, I stared blankly.

For 2 minutes.

Because I got admitted!

RIT admission decision

2013 spring? Really? Glitch? I sent an email to Mark McFee, asking for confirmation, and here’s the response.

RIT system glitch

Again, I stared blankly, and I forgot how to jump in enjoyment (because my butts were glued so hard). So, staring it blankly I did. 2 minutes. I didn’t look at my watch, but I’m certain. 2 minutes.

So, what’s next?

what to do next

I. Can. Waive. USD300. Admission. Deposit.

I think the time has come. I should prepare my speech prior to departure, plan what should I bring to the States (keropok lekor, sambal belacan.. maybe), I should get out awhile from my room and go the nearby road rolling on it for 2 minutes with total disregard of traffic. I should request royal military to bang the sky with 21 rounds of cannonball so my departure would be heard by the taxpayers. Thanks for the money though.

Oh, who’s Ritchie?

That’s the mascot for RIT.

What am I writing?


postscript: Wait. I’m still waiting for SUNY Buffalo.

roughly, 94fs v3 is ready… roughly

Over 2 days working relentlessly and caffeinated to get the site done, as far as I could tell the site is ready for the relaunch. It is now presentable with 25 articles were ported into v3 (23 articles from 1994s and 2 articles from NightlyArt Frontier. I already closed down Frontier because 94fs project serves much more clear purpose on its existence).

In this development update summary, I’d be covering the plugins we have activated so far (the list might expand, situational), the taxonomies of the articles and the front-end design.


7 core plugins installed so far which are Akismet for spam protection, JetPack for added functionality, MP6 admin back-end UI for more simple dashboard, ShadowBox JS as the image LightBox UI, WordPress SEO by Yoast (because I want to edit the meta and some of the page-based settings), and lastly WP-Optimize to keep the database clean and.. yeah, optimized.

plugins in 94fs

Thanks to JetPack, embedding YouTube Vimeo Flickr SoundCloud and few more online services can be less intimidating then 2 years ago. If you have your own self-hosted WordPress running, consider JetPack, and it’ll help you a lot.

I might include more plugins in the near future, but most of them are situational plugins. Less plugins mean the website uses less resource, less hogging and resource-friendly. We are not on dedicated server environment.

FYI I latched 2 JS libraries to the theme to make the site looks a bit bouncy, namely the jQuery and jQuery Easing (with jQuery NiceScroll activated). I might be looking forward to include jQuery Lazy Load and caching, but again.. those are situational.


In WordPress, taxonomy is another thing you’d want to consider after publishing your piece(s). Basically, taxonomy is a way to group things together by using the Categories and Tags features on WordPress. As I write this I have created 9 categories (in Blogspot, you call it Label) and I don’t think the list might grow.

the taxonomies of 94fs

As for Tags, some people rampantly use it for SEO purpose but here in 94fs, Tags will be used to indicate something special about the certain specific article(s), as an example all of the 25 articles right now on 94fs are tagged with 1994s because they were originally written on Tags will be used to indicate Event or Special Cause, outside the boundary of Categories (that’s why I said Categories won’t grow.. maybe I think).

Front-End Design: GreenPoint Lab Home Builder

I had my fear towards magazine-based WordPress theme before but I’m lucky because GreenPoint Setting, although quite elaborate like other themes’ setting manager, it is easier to nail down the homepage builder is like tickling cat’s abs without getting any scratch on my wrist. Ok bad analogy.

green point the option

My point here, the homepage builder offers flexibility to sort the homepage by using drag and drop editing style, and it is future-proof. Meaning that if I want to highlight certain categories in the future I can easily do it.

All In All

Can’t wait for people to surge into our website. We redesigned the blog because in our mind, we want to give my pleasure in reading. Next time maybe I’d be covering few CSS hacks. Yeay!

Haifaa Mansor is on Reddit (IAmA)

Spotted this on Reddit, and in a jiffy my body was introduced with adrenaline, and it was coursing rapidly through my arteries and veins. Fingers, thrust!

Haifaa Mansor is Saudi’s first female filmmaker, of the film WADJDA. Wanna watch the trailer? Sure.

One thing that caught my eyes here was the question about scarf. This question (at least to me) is imperative in present muslim society, by looking upon the aspect of following our Lord’s decree loyally and faithfully, and urban stylishness of wearing one.

Haifaa’s stand on scarf as follows:

Well I don’t wear one personally. But I respect people who do. I have a problem with niqab, where you cover the face, because I think that the Face is a woman’s face and identity and dignity, and it should not be covered, women should be proud of who they are. Also, in Islam there are a lot of schools that do not require it. It is only very strict interpretations that require women to do that. But I hope women in my country know that.

.. which is, quite, sadly she’s not wearing it. Then I got my hands ready to spark a discussion, with this argument:

I’m not here to diss. I’m a Muslim from Malaysia, and I pay significant level of importance on the subject of headscarves, mainly because it is the fiat of our Lord, which was declared by our prophet Muhammad.

The question of niqab (a veil that covers the whole face, leaving blinking eyes only), personally I think that one refers to the geological factor of desert (to protect women from sandy air), and the state of sexual inclination of men (mostly they were sexually abusive at that time).

My stand on our present time, I don’t think a veil should be worn as an integral part of a woman, and I do think it is suffice as long as the head (hair) is covered.

Your argument here is woman’s face is the identity, which is true. If there’s a wedding and the woman is wearing headscarf covering the whole face, and if the woman is under my authority, I will ask her to uncover the face but not the hair.

Maybe you could enlighten me more with your arguments, but I’m standing still that headscarf is compulsory (to cover the hair, yes).

There’s some info you need to know about Haifaa. For a start, she is a graduate in filming from Sydney. That explains her stand on scarf (I think). Second, she said she’s ready to face the backlashes from Saudis, suggesting that she’s trailblazing the industry of filmmaking in Saudi (I mean the first female filmmaker), and with the fact that people won’t (really) recognize her achievement.

A little bit more about Saudi. There’s no cinema in Egypt, and her film can only be watched via DVD. Second, Saudi is propagating slowly to give women more opportunity, as in year 2014 women in Saudi are permitted to vote in the election.

p/s: Long time no write. I’ve been busy reading Reddits and playing DotA 2. Add me on Steam: NecroMyst.

then, what’s the purpose of scholarship?

There were people that asked me “what if I told you scholarship is one hell of masked capitalism?”. I was slightly taken back, trying to get my knees standing still, and of course I felt a bit offended because I’m under MARA’s financial protection. Then I asked “why is that so?”, so the debate continued with the argument “are you blind? Can’t you see most of the scholarship recipients are rich people that can afford cars and bikes without bank loan? Poor people.. if they can go to even third-rated college, that’s their pure luck.. and not really luck if they need to be laden with PTPTN”.

I snapped my finger, ruffling my hair trying to act cool, then I said “there’s a thin and fine line distinguishing between capitalism and meritocracy. Let me give you an analogy. Poor people realize that sea is full of tides, but only what-you-call-rich-people can turn the tides to favor their boats”.

I am an advocate of meritocracy, also I’m fond of open source by embracing the philosophy of “living to educate the uneducated”. Without having a reliable statistics, I dare to say scholarship recipients are mostly the rich people.

And, as what-we-define-as-rich-people-here, do we think how to upgrade the rest of us?

Makes Me Think.

the GitHub is for… just everyone

You what I’m always relentlessly trying to skirt a system which in this dimension a virus with the size of triceratops will be blamed if a computer was rampaged and files were missing, specifically paperwork, officials files, and documentation (while funny_kitten_fart_video.3gp was left intact). I introduced cloud storage to my colleagues, but they refused to use it (which is kinda a rebuttal to me, in their defense they said their paperwork contained top secret and classified documents of Bin Laden whereabouts). Let’s get matured, and let’s face it if you aren’t going to cloud your files, bunch of predated ancient monsters are going to savage your PC, specifically paperwork and some official stuffs.

The reason why I’m using Mac, because I can’t say “virus is eating my hard drive”, thus makes me feel a lot more responsible towards my files if anything goes wrong.

Let’s face it, you need a reliable backup storage, preferably cloud storage. I’d say Amazon’s cloud storage, the foolproof DropBox, Google Drive (with Google Docs integrated into it) and quite-okay-to-use Box, and also Microsoft’s SkyDrive.

aifrantz on github

Not geek enough? Introducing GitHub. The learning curve is a bit steeper as you’d be starting with command lines and like-a-hacker-look-of-green-and-black-terminal, but fret not because you actually have the friendly-for-noobies desktop version. But then, why GitHub? It offers a systematic way to collaborate, and the foundation of it revolves around the revision system. The fork system also deals a huge impact on one’s work, to minimize effort while maximizing output.

With that, I bid good luck.

postscript: I just want to say that “hell yeah I’m using GitHub”. That’s all.

professionalism; rethinking leadership reform

rethinking leadership reform

SHAMS Leadership Professionalism Camp has ended, and I feel obliged to contribute my experiences, guides, productivity hacking, and retrospections as one of the SHAMS prefects. I have 4 months left before setting off to US, and it can’t go wrong spending my ample time guiding young sheep to jump over the fence on the cause to avoid being eaten by foxes.

My Thoughts On The Previous Camp

Truth to be told I don’t really favor the rigid discipline being imposed onto us, but that didn’t reduce the knowledge I had gained throughout the entire 4-day course (ranging from the paperwork design, public speaking, etc). We had no gut to stage a coup (wow, that is quite a big word) against the seniors because we were made to believe that what we had gone through was purely Islamic and necessary to be the disciplined prefects.

Our psychological state was a bit dented by the force. As we evolve as grown-ups, we realized that attacking every square inch of our psychological state won’t do any better other than making us as robots. Rather, invoking the thinking part (also in some cases, the empathy) far more suitable if the process of getting it be done correctly.

postscript: To add more, there were no decent follow-ups from the seniors.

Aww Man, That’s Customary To Our Camp

If that so, we need them to wear Baju Melayu (with Kain Samping and Tengkolok, and also Keris tucked into the Kain Samping). That’s customary to our culture.

We need to revolve as the time evolve (for some aspects, not every single thing).

My Thoughts On This Camp

They were shortcomings and loopholes, and we do intend to fix them.

Ending Words

As you can see in the picture above, I’m sketching the follow-up modules, and I do really hope I can carry this task. Seriously.

94fs development update: hangout?

“An online community needs a special place for its member to hang out, and usually that would be a forum”.

I second that statement, but today’s trend doesn’t favor new forum to flourish because the socials networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) are being very mean to forum and stuttering their growth, unlike the old days where forum was the only place to gather like-minded people.

But these social networks give impact to discussions; often discussions become emotional, unreliable and full of meme craps. That’s annoying.

I’ve seen a couple of forums that are survived, and after analyzing the structure of them, they were built before the age of social networks. For the new ones, what makes them sterling is the hospitality. Simply inviting and newbie-friendly. Take CrunchBang Forum as the example.

crunchbang forum

As I’m thinking about cyber hangout place, a forum can’t be wrong. It is just like an insignia to the community’s existence. Due to time constraint, I have scurried 2 options to build an online community.

First, we use the Reddit. Creating 94fs subreddit won’t be a problem. After all, Reddit’s threaded commenting is easier to read arguments on a specific point rather than threaded quotes on typical forum build.

Second, install Vanilla forum board on our web hosting. It is clean and simple.. and also a minimalist forum board available on the net.

reddit or vanila

FB Group?

Seriously I won’t prefer Facebook Group. I always hate it. True that it allows quicker access for the community to socialize and to have discussions, but the shortcomings are far more inundating, at least from my perspective.

1) We don’t need people with demented fingers start selling kitchenettes in the group with caps-lock on.

2) As mentioned, using memes in comments isn’t what I love to see. That’s irksome.

3) Facebook has never been a good place to discuss, especially serious matters.

4) Lack of permalink and search support. A bit technical issue but if you’re a geek you’ll understand right away.


Let’s see how it goes first. I’m inclined to choose Reddit, but our community needs some tutorials before they know how to use Reddit effectively.