reorganizing platforms

I just set up a new WordPress blog here. Over the past few days, I also got an experimental blog up and running at Caspershire. FYI, I’m running Caspershire by using Ghost, on Amazon EC2 platform. Since it is an experiment, I might be migrating Caspershire to somewhere else, as for now I’m thinking about RedHat’s OpenShift PaaS platform to set up a production version of Ghost.

I texted Piqaashi, asking her for advice on what should I do with my (upcoming) Caspershire, and then I came to a conclusion. I want to seperate my pieces into 2 sections: something that can make you think, and another one is technical stuffs (particularly computer and technology). So, it’ll be 2 of them, the Caspershire and NightlyArt.

NightlyArt Revival is hosted on because I don’t want to get into the hassle of deploying a self-hosted WordPress (technical reasons that you might not want to know), but since I’m quite into developer mode right now, I changed my mind and remake a new version of NightlyArt on the webhosting I own. I won’t delete this blog (100+ posts are here, and it really takes time if I want to export them, giving the fact that time is an essence). I keep this alive, and all of you can browse the archive whenever you want but few weeks or at least a month onward, my upcoming pieces won’t be hosted here anymore.

My soon-will-be-set-into-production Caspershire would be fully up and running mid December, and if you wanna be geek, you can head to NightlyArt now.

p/s: It is unlikely I will post a long article on Caspershire. I still have 94fs, remember? On Caspershire, my desire to write limited to something short and simple, and sometimes Caspershire’s pieces are going to be elongated a bit more later on at 94fs. Purrfect.


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