a doctor with noble intent

by Aizan Fahri

I saw a tweet last night. Let’s read that tweet first before I write my thoughts. It’d be deep.

“There was someone who asked me before, why I want to build a hospital with “profit-based” out of the picture as my main agenda?“.

A noble intent, I must say. Then, I replied his tweet like this.

“Sure, if you can stay alive with Honda City while your colleagues have Mercedes and superbike, you have my blessings”.

3 years ago

Still in high school, we adhered to the notion that being a doctor can make a person richer and have more assets compared to one’s friends. Going deeper, we argued what kind of doctor can do more money (we agreed that dentist can make more money than GP). Then, we came to a talk about working in the private sector in order to be richer than other doctors serving in the public sector.

This is madness.

I think Florence Nightingale might cry everyday if she knows this. Even though Florance was a nurse, but she was serving in public healthcare. What about Avicenna and Hippocrates? Both might be terribly disappointed to a point both of them might write new book and rewrite the oath; The Canon of Doctors – How To Be Rich and Hippocratic Oath (Business edition).

Stop this madness. If you are aiming to have boatloads of assets, be a businessman.