the cobwebs syndrome

I know I know.. I haven’t updated everything (94fs and N/A Revival) for ages. Forgive me. The faults are mine. I got too carried away studying for my placement test, though it wasn’t scary as expected (because the real one didn’t chicken me out). Seriously if you have RM300 (or $90) and you don’t know what to do, take SAT. Later on I’ll write the breakdown of SAT (ambitious! ambitious!).

This cobwebs syndrome.. I don’t plan to let it consume my prowess, so I’ve drafted 4 articles (3 for 94fs, 1 for N/A Revival). Within a week, I want to gauge how many articles I can accomplish, so later on I can be more efficient handling writing task. Oh FYI, right now I’m writing an article for AmanzMY about Dalvik VM. Oh FYI, this is my dirty little secret: haven’t started anything, including researching. I might take up to 2 days for gathering information and sketching skeleton article at the same time, so I guess the article will be submitted to my boss around 14 – 16 October.

Writing about Dalvik VM is a piece of intimidating task: explaining Dalvik to muggles (I prefer to address myself as magician of codes and wizard of snippets) requires a certain degree of creativity. The tricks lie on how I’m gonna visualizing a (near-) technically correct analogy before techies go wild harassing the comment section if I wrote a bad analogy.

… and the interesting part is, the most interesting I assure you is: I have to write in Bahasa.

Kammpaaii ~

p/s: I’m waiting for blog CMS from John O’Nolan, the Ghost.  Since N/A Revival is serving as a site for me to rant and rave non-systematically, I might migrate to my own Ghost (on my webhosting) and then I’ll keep this site intact. Maybe I’ll need to use this again in the near future (read: if Ghost screwed everything.. idk).


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