rants on studying like a pro

As a typical Google-er, when I have an issue in my life I’d turn my laptop on and get Google Chrome running, in this case, I googled how to study. At the very same moment after I clicked on few search results, I decided the articles weren’t worth reading. I continued studying as usual. So question here is, WHY?

The tips and tricks to study like a pro are presented by using laundry-list style, as follows:

  • Obliterate any distraction.
  • Clear your mind and thought.
  • Take notes when you are reading.

How am I supposed to follow these abstracts advice? I mean, obliterate distraction how? Clear my mind and thought how? Can you be any more specific? If you can’t be more specific, how about telling us how you do it?

Ok this is the refurbished version that came out from my experience, let’s start with obliterate any distraction first.

To provide a distraction-free environment to study, I prefer not to study with my laptop running in front of me. If I want to let it running, I’d put it in the another room and let it downloading torrent files (movies, series, anime). I got a phone capable of playing audio files, so I downloaded Rainy Mood app to my phone and let it sings with the rhythm of gushing rain. It is soothing.

I got a specific rig for my earphone. Actually, I’m using Sennheiser HD 380 Pro Headphones because it can reduce surrounding noise. Guess what, nobody can disturb me when I’m studying.

What about clearing my mind and thought?

Before I start studying I’d be meditating for 3 – 5 minutes. That time I’d focus my mind and virtually breaking down tasks at hands into chunks, like how am I supposed to start, how the process would look like and what will I get the end of the process. With that, I know which part I should give extra priority and which part I can play a bit.


Be specific, don’t be generic.


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