the state of our textbook today

The moment of epiphany struck me when I was reading a motivational book (not the typical “think positive and all the vibrant aura will perch on your head till Lucifer decided to smack you down with torrents of bad lucks” one, instead it made me pondering and wanting to change something). I was thinking that we can’t (or don’t) laugh when we read the textbook.. except we often laugh at our own stupidity when we can’t brain the first question posed after the explanation for certain subtopic (this situation happened all the time when I was reading physics in form 4).

Our textbooks today aren’t inviting.
The textbooks contain less joke. That’s why.
Sometimes I think I’m reading primary school books. Sometimes.

Take a good look at For Dummies series. This is SAT 1 for dummies textbook.

SAT 1 for dummies

Learning, by nature, is to enlighten and to entertain our souls at the same time. Not to bore the hell out of the learners.

“Suppose that you bumped into a burglar, and he asked you about natural exponential function, grab your phone first out of your pocket and show him Wikipedia page of the function. If he can’t understand well, ask the burglar for a pen and paper and you start doing the graphs of logarithmic and exponential as shown below”

At least don’t write a paragraph that could make a literate person thinking he’s not literate anymore.



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