period of (writing) inactivity

by Aizan Fahri

If I have die-hard fans, I’d receiving postcards (and death wishes) by now. Sadly I got none, but never mind. Few weeks lately (some say few months) I haven’t written pieces as frequent as when I was at college. True, when I’m living within the vicinity of an academic institution, a lot of things happen that spark my prefrontal cortex to write more (and to insult subliminally, too). Now, I’m at home. Too little things happen in my life aside from being gang-banged by Zeus, Shadow Fiend and Chaos Knight altogether (please refer to DotA 2).

Now I’m not writing a death rattle for this blog. Ending NightlyArt had never come across before (now it is.. lol), and please bear with me. I’ll try to post here more frequently. I know there are few people who enjoy reading my rants (and at the same time imagining me as a handsome and smart guy… but I’m taken.. eh). I feel bad, so bad because I can’t write to entertain you and making you think at the same time.

Ok. That’s all. Don’t cry.