stop dancing if you think the floor is creaky

In the previous life, I was a part of the bandwagon spreading the jibes and taunt remarks (as a part of being a loyal naysayer) against the Malaysian education system with words of criticism (.. and insult?).

“Kita takkan kemana-mana dengan sistem pendidikan kita”
“Teruk kot edu system kita. Mesti ubah!”
“Taknak dah belajar kat Malaysia. Nekad nak terbang keluar”

Before we proceed, let’s look at the minorities. The Chinese. I think they are always at disadvantages (consistently being vilified by Malays, economics and academics development models aren’t as sky-high as Malays, etc). But we don’t even fail at recognizing their abilities, in much narrower scope, in regard with their academics and economics achievements.

Let’s get back to my original point.

To my realization, regarding academics, we always have some entities to blame at when we failed to meet certain standard. Failed in SPM? Blame teachers and papers altogether for being too hard, and blame the graph for being too high. Failed in university? Blame lecturers for incompetency in pedagogy, blame PTPTN for.. I don’t know.

We are in favor of blaming others. Maybe because we are the majority here. Rule of thumb: being as a part of majority leads to complacency.

And look.. my second point makes sense now.

Quite funny to think, but this is what happen. Being as a part of the majority, we believe there’s a godlike power to drive our survival.

If you think that’s true, get yourself a mirror.

Is there a godlike power promising your with high-income wage?

If you think the floor is creaky, stop dancing before you get crippled. But if you think you are already crippled, blame the floor if that can make you feel great.

Funny, because blaming the floor won’t give you a thing. Let’s live this life by blaming the floor all the time.

Sir, if you live today at the mercy of the floor without admitting your crippled limbs, get a coffin now. Why? Because we don’t need crippled man as our human capital.

Sir, we need someone capable of fixing the floor.


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