the nauseating feeling. I shouldn’t have done this.

by Aizan Fahri

It has been weeks of successful abandonment and ignorance of piles of books and desk lamp, so what should I see it was coming whenever I try to reinitiate the motion of secluding myself chugging information and knowledge from the textbook? Nauseating dizziness and the feeling of overloaded brain.

Yes, it has been weeks (I won’t say months) I haven’t put myself under duress for the sake of studying. Few days ago, I encountered few cognitive problems the moment I was defrosting my brain. Now, what do I do?

  • Custom trigger. Sometimes when you want to deter procrastination, you created custom sets of commands or trigger, in this sense it means something that can make you pumped up to do something. My current configuration of custom command that I’m using right now is the combo of caffeine intake and dopamine stimulant (background musics from certain anime).

For background musics I use SAO Battle Soundtrack and Final Mission – Quantum Burst. So far, both help.

  • Making myself feel guilty. Simple, I surround myself with books, and I put any internet-connected devices away from my sight. It is enough to put gadgets behind me when I am reading or writing.
  • Perhaps to fix this issue completely I’d go more radical. I am quite accustomed to the scientific analysis methodology so I think after this I’ll log my study activity in the MS Excel Spreadsheet and carry out data analysis. Graphs and charts ftw!

p/s: To whine “argh I can’t study” without providing solution is visceral and emits no benefit. That’s why we need solution once the problem is identified.