coordinating efficiency, really?

First thing, I have to ask myself “am I really want to level up my skills in team management?”. If I said no, I’d be a total doofus. If I said “yes”, then I should explain my working schematics.

I’m looking forward to having a life with executive-tier efficiency coordinating a team, making sure things are done the way they should be done. Even if something is screwed, still I’m able and capable of rewriting the story without much hiccups. That sounds magical, near miracle, but I assure you it’s not, if you know what it takes to be such that person.

I believe that my brain is like a pool of ideas, a tank of plans and strategies.. but a stagnant pool might one day become shallower and could evaporated into dry, dirty muddy land. The question here is: how to make sure the pool gonna have some flow.

As for now, I’m using staging planning mechanics to execute my plans orderly and systematically (so far, yeah..) given with specific timeline. Let me show you my Asana account. I have tasks that are going to be peer-reviewed, pending task waiting for completion, back burner task which are situational, and action steps which are the imminent threats.

management crew 94fs

If you let your ideas jump directly from being a mere idea into action steps without weighing its mass, I’m not sure what will it be but to me it is not a good practice. Some ideas I don’t announce directly after it flied into my mind, rather I keep it with me until the situation is desirable.

I hope this tiny piece could inspire you.

Closing Words

For most of the time, I know I’m lying to myself regarding productivity. Let’s turn the tide.

Ouh, FYI I’m the crew of 94fs. If you think the site is cool, make yourself a space to read the articles. If you think you are hipster enough, consider reading this.


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