Desolator? Monkey King Bar?

by Aizan Fahri

My first hero in DotA 2 when I started playing it on 21 July was Sniper (my favorite hero, and now I have a penchant of using Sniper excessively other than Phantom Lancer, Spirit Breaker and Lion). My concern in this post about the late game item.

monkey king bar and desolator

Between MKB and Deso, what’s your pick as the main late-game-item? What I realized after playing a lots of games (5 matches for player vs player, and I don’t know how many I have played for co-op bot), Sniper would pick Deso regardless he is player or bot.

“The best sniper is the hidden sniper” was the comment on my style of picking Deso first on Reddit few days ago. When you got Deso for Sniper you’re firing flare-like projectiles, not tiny little bullets anymore. So one can gauge Sniper’s position right away after the projectiles being shot, and if the sniper has no Shadow Blade, good luck I bid.

Shadow Blade is quite imperative on heroes with no escape mechanism.

The best thing about Deso is it’s ability to weaken opponent’s psychology, as far as I’m concerned.

“That sniper got Deso, gank him first” is the popular phrase when opponent’s Sniper wields Deso. Its flame-like flare artillery boosts the wielder’s spirit while at the same time scares the other side shitlessly.

What about MKB then?

Bang for the buck, worth more than Deso if you know. Its attributes constitute more damage than Deso with Mini Bash (stunner) and True Strike (your attack won’t miss). Mini-Bash is something you don’t need on Sniper (because of the passive skill Headshot) but if you’re playing Drow or any ranged heroes, stunning would come in handy.

What’s your pick then?

MKB first, then Deso. That’s my new preference.

first hero I played

Playing Sniper? Harass a lot, you must. Melee heroes are your meal.