Ritchie the tiger, I am

by Aizan Fahri

[I was staring blankly at my text editor for few minutes, because I didn’t know what should I be writing, hence I wrote about my writer’s block so at least my fingers started working]

It was afternoon past 2pm. Felt like an angel ruffled my thinking cubicle for which I chose to check my email account, then I checked my account at SUNY Buffalo SMART status. Both admission and i20 were pending (and still pending at the moment I write this).

pending status SMART

Out of the blue, I fired my keyboard and navigated to myRIT. Again, I stared blankly.

For 2 minutes.

Because I got admitted!

RIT admission decision

2013 spring? Really? Glitch? I sent an email to Mark McFee, asking for confirmation, and here’s the response.

RIT system glitch

Again, I stared blankly, and I forgot how to jump in enjoyment (because my butts were glued so hard). So, staring it blankly I did. 2 minutes. I didn’t look at my watch, but I’m certain. 2 minutes.

So, what’s next?

what to do next

I. Can. Waive. USD300. Admission. Deposit.

I think the time has come. I should prepare my speech prior to departure, plan what should I bring to the States (keropok lekor, sambal belacan.. maybe), I should get out awhile from my room and go the nearby road rolling on it for 2 minutes with total disregard of traffic. I should request royal military to bang the sky with 21 rounds of cannonball so my departure would be heard by the taxpayers. Thanks for the money though.

Oh, who’s Ritchie?

That’s the mascot for RIT.

What am I writing?


postscript: Wait. I’m still waiting for SUNY Buffalo.