then, what’s the purpose of scholarship?

by Aizan Fahri

There were people that asked me “what if I told you scholarship is one hell of masked capitalism?”. I was slightly taken back, trying to get my knees standing still, and of course I felt a bit offended because I’m under MARA’s financial protection. Then I asked “why is that so?”, so the debate continued with the argument “are you blind? Can’t you see most of the scholarship recipients are rich people that can afford cars and bikes without bank loan? Poor people.. if they can go to even third-rated college, that’s their pure luck.. and not really luck if they need to be laden with PTPTN”.

I snapped my finger, ruffling my hair trying to act cool, then I said “there’s a thin and fine line distinguishing between capitalism and meritocracy. Let me give you an analogy. Poor people realize that sea is full of tides, but only what-you-call-rich-people can turn the tides to favor their boats”.

I am an advocate of meritocracy, also I’m fond of open source by embracing the philosophy of “living to educate the uneducated”. Without having a reliable statistics, I dare to say scholarship recipients are mostly the rich people.

And, as what-we-define-as-rich-people-here, do we think how to upgrade the rest of us?

Makes Me Think.