the GitHub is for… just everyone

by Aizan Fahri

You what I’m always relentlessly trying to skirt a system which in this dimension a virus with the size of triceratops will be blamed if a computer was rampaged and files were missing, specifically paperwork, officials files, and documentation (while funny_kitten_fart_video.3gp was left intact). I introduced cloud storage to my colleagues, but they refused to use it (which is kinda a rebuttal to me, in their defense they said their paperwork contained top secret and classified documents of Bin Laden whereabouts). Let’s get matured, and let’s face it if you aren’t going to cloud your files, bunch of predated ancient monsters are going to savage your PC, specifically paperwork and some official stuffs.

The reason why I’m using Mac, because I can’t say “virus is eating my hard drive”, thus makes me feel a lot more responsible towards my files if anything goes wrong.

Let’s face it, you need a reliable backup storage, preferably cloud storage. I’d say Amazon’s cloud storage, the foolproof DropBox, Google Drive (with Google Docs integrated into it) and quite-okay-to-use Box, and also Microsoft’s SkyDrive.

aifrantz on github

Not geek enough? Introducing GitHub. The learning curve is a bit steeper as you’d be starting with command lines and like-a-hacker-look-of-green-and-black-terminal, but fret not because you actually have the friendly-for-noobies desktop version. But then, why GitHub? It offers a systematic way to collaborate, and the foundation of it revolves around the revision system. The fork system also deals a huge impact on one’s work, to minimize effort while maximizing output.

With that, I bid good luck.

postscript: I just want to say that “hell yeah I’m using GitHub”. That’s all.