professionalism; rethinking leadership reform

by Aizan Fahri

rethinking leadership reform

SHAMS Leadership Professionalism Camp has ended, and I feel obliged to contribute my experiences, guides, productivity hacking, and retrospections as one of the SHAMS prefects. I have 4 months left before setting off to US, and it can’t go wrong spending my ample time guiding young sheep to jump over the fence on the cause to avoid being eaten by foxes.

My Thoughts On The Previous Camp

Truth to be told I don’t really favor the rigid discipline being imposed onto us, but that didn’t reduce the knowledge I had gained throughout the entire 4-day course (ranging from the paperwork design, public speaking, etc). We had no gut to stage a coup (wow, that is quite a big word) against the seniors because we were made to believe that what we had gone through was purely Islamic and necessary to be the disciplined prefects.

Our psychological state was a bit dented by the force. As we evolve as grown-ups, we realized that attacking every square inch of our psychological state won’t do any better other than making us as robots. Rather, invoking the thinking part (also in some cases, the empathy) far more suitable if the process of getting it be done correctly.

postscript: To add more, there were no decent follow-ups from the seniors.

Aww Man, That’s Customary To Our Camp

If that so, we need them to wear Baju Melayu (with Kain Samping and Tengkolok, and also Keris tucked into the Kain Samping). That’s customary to our culture.

We need to revolve as the time evolve (for some aspects, not every single thing).

My Thoughts On This Camp

They were shortcomings and loopholes, and we do intend to fix them.

Ending Words

As you can see in the picture above, I’m sketching the follow-up modules, and I do really hope I can carry this task. Seriously.