94fs development update: hangout?

by Aizan Fahri

“An online community needs a special place for its member to hang out, and usually that would be a forum”.

I second that statement, but today’s trend doesn’t favor new forum to flourish because the socials networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) are being very mean to forum and stuttering their growth, unlike the old days where forum was the only place to gather like-minded people.

But these social networks give impact to discussions; often discussions become emotional, unreliable and full of meme craps. That’s annoying.

I’ve seen a couple of forums that are survived, and after analyzing the structure of them, they were built before the age of social networks. For the new ones, what makes them sterling is the hospitality. Simply inviting and newbie-friendly. Take CrunchBang Forum as the example.

crunchbang forum

As I’m thinking about cyber hangout place, a forum can’t be wrong. It is just like an insignia to the community’s existence. Due to time constraint, I have scurried 2 options to build an online community.

First, we use the Reddit. Creating 94fs subreddit won’t be a problem. After all, Reddit’s threaded commenting is easier to read arguments on a specific point rather than threaded quotes on typical forum build.

Second, install Vanilla forum board on our web hosting. It is clean and simple.. and also a minimalist forum board available on the net.

reddit or vanila

FB Group?

Seriously I won’t prefer Facebook Group. I always hate it. True that it allows quicker access for the community to socialize and to have discussions, but the shortcomings are far more inundating, at least from my perspective.

1) We don’t need people with demented fingers start selling kitchenettes in the group with caps-lock on.

2) As mentioned, using memes in comments isn’t what I love to see. That’s irksome.

3) Facebook has never been a good place to discuss, especially serious matters.

4) Lack of permalink and search support. A bit technical issue but if you’re a geek you’ll understand right away.


Let’s see how it goes first. I’m inclined to choose Reddit, but our community needs some tutorials before they know how to use Reddit effectively.