dear teachers, we were abused

by Aizan Fahri

It was after I had done my dawn prayer, and I was having serious talk with my childhood friend regarding PTPTN (he received it on the same day during the afternoon, and he complained with a scent of maddening air about the way politician bragged about PTPTN, and why we should vote the ruling party on the next general election), with few more high school stuffs. We arrived at a consensus that says “we were abused. by students. hard”.

Given This Situation. Coffee Ready?

It was a norm when students were done with the afternoon prayer, the senior would take the mic and start giving lecture on specific causes, either to give advice or to entertain the students with new knowledge. It shouldn’t take more than 7 minutes on average, but students were late to the class by 15 minutes.

Lacing shoes wouldn’t take more than 30 seconds.
Walking to the class at max would take 3 minutes.
Washing face shouldn’t take more than 20 seconds.

Yet, when the teacher asked them “where have you been”, the students leisurely said “got tazkirah from a senior after prayer. Can’t blame us”.

We are trying to offer free opportunity of gaining knowledge without imposing any tax. You refuse it. Refusing it wouldn’t be a big thing, but backstabbing us is another story that we can’t really hold our fingers from clenching.

This is one example. I have no more than 10 situations, and if I write all of them here I should publish my own magazine.

We were abused. Hard.