94fs development update; porting old articles

by Aizan Fahri

I have to admit that past few days I was disinclined to work and strolling around on the net, playing DotA 2 and reading random articles. Today is Monday, and I’m compelled to scour every single to-do it note on my desk and start working on the blog. So now, let’s hunt for the old golds.

porting articles

There were 170 articles posted on the old 94fs (1994s.blogspot.com). I cherry-picked few articles, and now the list contains 23 pieces ready to be formatted before they get ported into 94fs v3.

Remember, I’m perfectionist when it comes to data organization.

So I need to remove all the formattings (bolds, indents, italics) and all articles must be formatted to justify. Then I need to propose sections and labels to the rest of the crews and wait for further suggestions before the site is fully ready.

20 days left, and I do think cutting some slack is highly possible. Haha.

postscript: I’ve mailed Linenity’s developer, asking them to give me instructions on how to style the WordPress theme. Never handled such elaborate theme option panel before.