I’ve been consuming knowledge. hard. really.

by Aizan Fahri

Q: Where had you been for the last few days?

A: Going out into the web, deeper. Raking my scythe scraping the knowledge. I did a lot of readings and I couldn’t simply stop because I was really addicted to it. Seemed like my existence was made tangible after reading and analyzing texts. And this explains why this blog (and the other one, Frontier) were shrouded in cobwebs.

Q: Is this a sign that blogging was relegated to lower priority?

A: You could say so, but I promise it is temporary. I love writing, the only skill that I think I’m excel at (given a bar graph, my writing skills graph stands out the most compared to flirting, playing with kittens, sniping heads, playing DotA 2 and eating exotic foods). Here’s a fact: to write, a person must read, and in any circumstances reading comes first before postulation, and postulation comes first before printing ideas in physical form.

Consuming Knowledge. Really?

Yes. I was intrigued by Mike Ross’s statement when he said “what if I told you that I consume knowledge like no one you’ve ever met, and I’ve actually passed the bar?”.

let's consume knowledge

Let’s consume knowledge!