94fs theme-proofing

by Aizan Fahri

It has been a rough week. I’m finalizing every university applications (boatloads of money got pocketed few days ago, I’m ready to be an intelligent spendthrift by paying universities’ application fee), I’m repairing clients’ laptops (generating money, the easy way. Just sit down and pretend being a geek), helping with house chores, and few more stuffs.

Since I had sworn my loyalty towards the research and development of 94fs (and as I proposed couple of months ago), a completely revamped version of 94fs could favor us more visitors and more engagement with audience. So today proudly I’d like to declare that a new WordPress theme pack “Linenity” has been purchased.


Designed with magazine layout.
Added with responsiveness (fits easily on every screen size).
And it looks very nice with the color composition.

As usual, every complex theme comes with a learning curve to be understood. Pray us luck, so we can live today and tomorrow by contributing our thoughts and ideas in the written form.

We serve ideas,
Because everybody deserves nourishments.

– Aizan Fahri, 2013.