SUNY UB: need more prerequisite courses

by Aizan Fahri

I’ve been emailing SUNY Buffalo Biotechnology Department for a week, just to check whether we the Biotech students of INTEC can enter SUNY Buffalo for Fall 2014 (intended for Biotechnology).

First of all, what’s so special about this SUNY Buffalo? The images flickered, projected into typical Malaysian when we talk about Biotechnology is “the field of studying plant, and creating the alternative for oil for the fuel industry using biomass”. Ok, that’s quite inaccurate.

First, do read Wikipedia about Biotechnology.
Second, please read the job prospects.
Third, stop making unreliable speculations.

I’m taking Biotechnology, and I don’t really like studying plants. In fact, I’m pursuing my career path to be a medical scientist, and I want to specialize in Pharmacology.

Then, the images of studying medicine come into shape. That’s why we look at SUNY Buffalo, because the Biotechnology department is hosted under Faculty of Medicine, virtually giving us chances to don the lab coat and to look cute like a doctor.

But then, our dream to enter SUNY Buffalo close to gradually diminish.


Through the email, I was told that to enter as a Transfer student, intended in Biotechnology, you must’ve completed these subjects:


What’s next? Just sit, and do nothing. Pray that RIT will accept me. Or else, I have to opt for another alternatives.

postscript 1: What is meant by intended as in intended biotechnology?

postscript 2: Opting for MSU? Great, their Biotech program is hosted under Plant Breeding, Genetics and Biotechnology Program.

postscript 3: Upon looking at this, I’m swallowing lump. Big. Hard.

pharmacology there at SUNY UB