The Secret of Immortal Nicholas Flamel

by Aizan Fahri

it has been a year

Tho it is not really the story dedicated to tell you about Nicholas Flamel and his immortality. It is more to the story about the Twin of Prophecy and their adventure across different dimension (or Shadowrealms). May I spoil the ending?

1. Josh Newman is Marethyu. The Swords of Power morphed into a hook.
2. Josh destroyed Danu Talis, Sophie ‘created’ the new world on the fallen Danu Talis.
3. Flamels are still alive.
4. Aoife and Niten get married.
5. The twins aren’t related by blood.

My rating for this book? The degree of satisfaction would give 4.4/5, and I like the battles. Epic, breathtaking and blood-drenching. My head sodden with vivid imagination of the battles.

It has been a year since the first book I bought, The Alchemyst. Right now, I’m reading To Kill A Mockingbird.