introducing, Atherios Ekaterina

by Aizan Fahri

Atherios Ekaterina

I bought new phone. Nokia Lumia 520 at a local store. Thanks to my dear sister and my dear brother for the financial support. This year’s Eid has been very mean to me: I virtually received nothing. As a teenager (19-year old), unmarried person, still studying, I have all the legitimate rights to get the holy envelope filled with joy and happiness: duit raya.

Moaning aside, let’s talk about this new phone.

Her name is Atherios Ekaterina. Cute name, just like the phone.
1 GHz 2-core proc. On Android’s phone, that’s scarce. Other than Android, that’s a lot.
Powered by Windows Phone 8. And yes, the powerful IE resides in it.

.. and, why did I pick a Lumia?

1. Ain’t nobody got time for not-so-smart phone.
2. I had my time with Android. Time to change.
3. Financial bleak is expected if I were to get an iPhone.
4. Rumor has it: Nokia has the toughest hardware.
5. Nokia is from Finland. Linux too.
6. I love the interface. Fast. I was riled up by Android’s sloppiness.

This phone is user friendly. Expecting more apps to come.

postscript 1: My previous phone was Galaxy Y. I had rough life before.