sending TOEFL score report.

by Aizan Fahri

Ouch. USD18 x 3 = USD54. And, obviously, USD means money (duh).

I had done my TOEFL long long time ago and I scored a blazingly nuclear blast of flying colors result; 102/120 *over-excited*. But then, I’m not here to boast how good I am conversing english and my proficiency on it because TOEFL is relatively easier (to my realization, yup) to any other english proficiency test. As for now, let’s send the score report. First of all, we need to understand the rule of sending score report.

TOEFL score report_0

1. You can view the score after 10 days taking the test.
2. You can add, delete or change score recipients no later than 10:00pm, local test center time the day before your test.
3. After that time, you can have score report sent to additional institutions or agencies for a fee.
4. You can send your scores up to 4 recipients as part of your test fee (before you take the test).

So, yeah. I took it on January 2013, and now I want to send the score reports. The fee?

USD 18. I want to send the reports to 3 universities, which means I need to pay USD 54. Awesome? Yes.

:: the steps

TOEFL score report_1

The next steps afterward should be self-explanatory. Easy, and don’t be lazy to read the on-screen instructions.

TOEFL score report_3

For RIT, the university code is 2760. Ok then, proceed.

TOEFL score report_4

And yes, please pay.