anime encoding and subbing workflow

by Aizan Fahri

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I’ve been keeping this question inside my article vault for quite a long time, and seems like I don’t know which channel my question should be in (forum? IRC? webchat?), so I’m putting it here and anytime soon I’ll figure out who should I ask this question. It is mainly about the workflow of getting an anime subbed and encoded. I’m just being the curious cat.

:: phase 1: recording

I’m not really sure how many sources out of there, but as far as I’m concerned with current digital world, instead of TV we also have online streaming sites for TV channels and also 3rd party paid streaming site (CrunchyRoll is a part of this also, is it?). Generally, what kind of softwares/devices that these people use to get the show, and also, how big is the size after the recording is done?

How many dedicated groups we have for recording team? Actually, do we have dedicated team for this?

:: phase 2: subbing

Certain groups chose certain anime to sub, e.g. Hadena chose this and that anime only. While others chose this and that. From what I’ve been observing so far, Subbing Team’s released anime aren’t size-wise, as in 480p encode released in size about 150MB (as common thing for HorribleSubs). So, subbing teams aren’t specialized on crunching down the size or they just don’t give a damn?

AFAIK, for subbing they use Aegis Sub. FYI, I’m heavily impressed with their ability to sub an entire 24-minutes anime within 2 hours after the anime is on the air. Hence, how many people are involved in this subbing process per episode? I think it is 3 or more.

And then, how many teams out there are specialized for this? Hadena, HorribleSubs, then…?

I noticed too that subbing teams use torrent to release the anime.

:: phase 3: encoding

For the sake of people living in countries with low-speed internet *sobbing*, encoding teams deserves highest reverence and the longest bow from us as a sign of respect. Let’s go straight to the “how many teams are there” because the process of encoding into mini-size anime is quite well-known = using custom AviSynth scripts, using MeGUI and custom bitrate/x264 settings bla bla bla.

I love SHaTo’s encode, Kens, Cyber12. For the sake of giving extra info, the well-known sites for releasing mini-encoded are Animekens, Cyber12, 60mbanime, AnimE2Enjoy (will continue to dig).

:: DVD/BD ripping

maybe the same teams as phase 3. ripping anime from BD and DVD, with larger resolution and extra stuffs.

That’s all, I think. For now.

 postscript: On the technical level, maybe I should ask about Hi-10bit.