clean docx template and other stuffs

by Aizan Fahri

That feeling of ‘perfectionism’ kicked in, hard. Months ago I was completing dossiers for my US university application, and believe me it was one of the terrible hells I was being kept in. It was not a piece of tiring task, but to me I was annoyed by the.. sluggishness and sloppiness of the archaic templates, especially the old template of the school leaving certificate. This is it

school leaving cert old

After weeks of virtually doing nothing (apart from downloading boatload of anime, TV series, games, videos) this morning a sorcery happened and I worked on a new cleaner template for school leaving certificate. This job when it was done it gave me extra juice of joy and happiness. Haha. Take a look.

school leaving cert new

The underpinning trick of designing (not really designing though.. it is more to modifying) this school leaving certificate is to use the table elements carefully (and cleverly). After the required data were keyed into the table fields, just chant a rant and you get a clean template without tables (in much easier words, set the border setting of the table to none). This is an old trick on mine, and I use it a lot in paperworks.

school leaving cert underlying trick

:: other stuffs in the morning

Just downloaded Ao No Exorcist The Movie (after months of waiting). AnE The Movie was released on the silver screen in December 2012. I was waiting since then for the download link. Now I got it, freshly encoded at 720p from a Blu-Ray disk at 533MB.

okumura rin AnE the movie

Let the blue flame spins the exhaust fan faster, hell yeah.

Also, I’ve updated my shelves on GoodReads. I created a new shelf for 4 new books, as the picture below tells you.

new textbooks for grammar and writing

Books from Grammar Girl. I skimmed through few pages on Amazon, and I found out that the contents are quite alluring, and I was persuaded by my educated self to buy the books. So, surely I’ll *taking out wallets, and crying in agony*

Books.. never cease to make me feel good (but no financial resource often makes me cry).