quite a long, long hiatus

by Aizan Fahri

Sorry for the long disappearance on this blog. I was enjoying my time having writer’s block (quite disastrous, but this is an excuse). This entry will summarize what I’ve been doing for the past few days.

:: Steam & games

gaming week

There was an announcement: DotA 2 for Mac (Beta) was available for OS X users. I jumped, delighted. I hadn’t played DotA on WoW before and I didn’t know the game mechanics but since the atmosphere was quite pressing, I dived into it.

On Streamyx 384Kbps (max download speed 60KB/sec), downloading 3.5GB worth game via Steam’s network. It was a taxing task. It took me 4 days to finish downloading DotA 2.

On the other note, thanks to one of my oldest friends in SHAMS, I finally can play CS:GO on my very own box. Thanks to summer sale on Steam also because the price was cut down to USD4.99. Hence, the frag is on. No one could fight the urge to decapitate one’s head using AWP.

:: leeching overload

too many downloads

Finally done with Suits season 1, GUNDAM SEED HD Remastered 720p and GUNDAM SEED Destiny 480p. Again, it was 384kbps Streamyx. Things would be better if I have 1Mbps connection. Feeling like living on Earth before continental drift.

:: reading novels

reading novel for leisure

Done with Kingdom of the Wicked (Skulduggery Pleasant #7, waiting for the #8 to arrive at local bookstore). I might write a review (ambitious! ambitious!). I don’t intend to spoil the plot here, but anytime soon I will.

:: reading magazines

reading magazine for info

Just for the sake of keeping my brain running at a healthy rate.

:: interior renovation

interior renovation

Let the picture talks. It has been days doing this.

* * * * *

postscript 1: Hopefully I can get into an active track like before soon after the Eid festival. Feeling guilty a lot for not pouring my thoughts into this cyberspace.

postscript 2: The thought of having deserted NightlyArt Frontier is quite bothersome actually, but I don’t have the eagerness of diving into my own thinking cubicle wringing out each and every neurons for ideas and ideas.