applying to SUNY Buffalo

by Aizan Fahri

Putting 89% effort on completing this application. I want this university, but still I’m compelled to do extra research.

working on the application

SUNY Buffalo (also known as University at Buffalo, or UB) is a public research university. Yes, a state-funded university. This university, however, is considered as the safe school for engineering but a good choice for biotechnology. Rolling admission. You will get the admission result after 10 days you finished the application completely.

I had a chat with the staff. I’m transferring to this university.

as a transfer student

INTEC is scheduled for Eid holiday starting July 3 (last day). So tomorrow I will text En. Din for further confirmation/consultation/dossier postage fee. Regarding the admission fee, I need to pay USD50 (approx. MYR150).

SUNY Buffalo admission fee

* * * * *

postscript 1: Sorry for the long hiatus. I’ll explain about my disappearance on this blog tomorrow (I guess). It is 2am already, and I need to wake up at 4:30am for before-the-dawn meal (sahoor).

postscript 2: SUNY 2014 application has been opened. I’m applying for Spring 2014. For those who wanna apply for Fall 2014, it is good for you to do so now.