change your perception: anime are not for kids

by Aizan Fahri

Can’t believe I’m writing this to kill my time downloading videos. Usually I’d end up watching anime or dying.

I have to say: anime aren’t for kids. And most kids watch anime because 1) they want to see fightings, 2) they want to see magics, 3) they want to see characters kissing without having oldies to scold them, 4) because Malay dramas suck.

But for grown-ups, or teens or university students, anime are something that can turn a nerd or shut-in into an engineer, tactical forecaster, strategic analyst, head of research and magic department and anything in between.

engineers. they are real!

The perks of being an otaku is when you talk about the solar furnace GN-Drive then people would stare blankly (and, by fluke, girls would watch in admiration over jargons you drip into your arguments). I was a student with loose bed on Physics talking about the engine system of a GUNDAM (at that time, mechs in GUNDAM 00 series). Particularly in this topic, I bragged zealously about solidified hydrogen and clean energy generation through TR-Blanket module and the availability of the raw materials. To add more, I also read 3 articles (very long articles, enough to be claimed as white papers) revolving around the GN-Drive technology. Engineering? Yes!

Want some more? Go read about the 3D Maneuver Gear (Attack on Titan) and why people are arguing on its practicality in real-life situation.

head of research in magic department?

Yup, if you’re hardcore fans of Fairy Tail. I’m quite sure you remember the zodiacs that Lucy has, Natsu’s hissatsu attacks and deadly chantings, or maybe even more like the potholes for certain magics, how to counter magic-based attacks so on and so forth.

the rising of philosophers occur when anime bloom

Consider OreGairu. Some of my friends turned to be the greatest philosophers of the time (lasted for few days, ehek) after watching some anime (particularly the slice-of-life genre). As these anime bring the issues of society as the pivotal discussions, to our realization, it is like a coconut falls on our head and makes us think about the real truth, but sad, of the society.

.. and to quench thirst, we drink coconut shake. eh.

But, that’s the point. (comparing with Malay dramas again) These anime sure have points rather than making the fans tweeting on the Twitter like “erhhmergad she should accept his proposal OMGWTBBQ why can’t he be more gentleman!”.

subtly, these anime teach you about politics

Our closest example here is Attack on Titan episode 14. When the representative of the traders’ guild, the Priests of the Walls, chief of Military Police and chief of Recon Corps were there arguing about the existence of Eren Jaeger and the uncertainties of what could happen to him and to the nation, your might learn a bit about the politics (how the rich people control the nation’s interests, how the clergymen refuse to allow a vermin alive and all).

As far as I’m concerned, GUNDAM SEED // SEED Destiny are the best anime if you want to learn about politics. I’m sure the position of Orb, PLANTs and Atlantic Federation in each battle would give you lessons, and then you surely can relate that stuffs with our real life situations.

p/s: I don’t really have clear points writing this. As I said, just killing my time.

p/s: research about GN-Drive Technology.