SOR, FAS and translated SPM certificate

by Aizan Fahri

Hi guys, another update for your dossier and US university application. Before I start, you need to know what SOR stands for Statement of Results and FAS means Financial Affidavit Statement. Let’s talk about these 2 things first. As for my case, I need to ask INTEC’s OSSP to provide me the SOR for my Fall 2012 – Summer 2013 results. The OSSP officer said “you send me the dossiers and I’ll put those SOR inside it”. So, that settles it. Btw, I have no picture for the SOR. Sorry.

Talking about FAS, my case is a bit different. Instead of using OSSP as the intermediary to request the FAS from my sponsor (MARA), I need to step into MARA’s office at Jalan Raja Laut by myself. My friends said to me that to request the FAS, we only have to fill a form and give it to OSSP. See, I’m always treated as special one. And, unfortunately, this is quite a drag.

For the SPM slip, OSSP already have the translated version. Tadaaa….

translation of SPM cert

So you don’t really need to translate it.

That’s for now. Goodbye.