of Baphomet and Casper

by Aizan Fahri

baphometic casper

As I’m writing this, I’m bellowing under my jacket cursing under my breath because this bus is freaking behind the schedule and I’m losing the element of surprise to wake my friends up at Cemara for before-the-dawn meal (sahur). It is 5:43 AM, and the ETA is 1 hour before reaching Shah Alam.

Oh, cut to the chase.

I recently created new way of chiding myself for being weak or unable to complete a seemingly difficult task. The phrase of chant or rant is quite simple, works like a charm.

The Baphomet that you are about to tackle is actually a weak little harmless Casper

The science behind this phrase is to think the target can be broken down into less intimidating pieces of a particular task. I figured out that this kind of thinking similar to parallel processing as in Graphic Processor (CUDA, or FireStream).

FYI, Baphomet is a dark huge ibex (I assume ibex because it has long thick ridged pair of horns) with scythe ready to decapitate one’s head, while Casper is the friendly ghost which you can laugh together over silly stuffs (fart contest, howling contest, and possibly littering haunted house for the sake of paying the cleaner to clean it on daily basis).

Hence, thinking “an enemy” not as a formidable one but as an easy to be taken down adversary is a good mindsetting. Heh.