mobile suit operating systems

by Aizan Fahri

I’m an avid fan of GUNDAM series. In my anime repository, there are MS GUNDAM 00 (both first and second seasons), MS GUNDAM SEED HD Remaster, MS GUNDAM UC (still ongoing), and MS GUNDAM SEED Destiny HD Remaster (still ongoing, and the mini MKV 720p encoding project seems stuck). As the title implies, let’s check the operating systems for the series I’ve mentioned above.

GUNDAM 00, my first completed GUNDAM series

Most of GUNDAM fans started their otaku career by watching (and understand) either MS GUNDAM Wing or at least GUNDAM SEED, but I was a bit late to the party. Mainly because I venerate graphics and animations way more than storyline, and GUNDAM 00 got a physics-obedient graphic (oh God I can’t brain how an explosion could be cutely-pink in GUNDAM SEED and the beam colors are colorful like a rainbow). FYI, I’m a huge fan of GUNDAM 00, because their OS uses touchscreen. The first I’ve ever seen.

Gundam 00 twindrive

And the monitor display spans across the screens surrounding the pilot, giving a modern feel of a mega beast machine. Let’s compare it with GUNDAM SEED.

p/s: OK I lied. I finished downloading GUNDAM 00 first because there were miniMKV links for me to leech. MiniMKV with superb quality. As for GUNDAM SEED, I found AVI links with size no less than 150MB, and low quality too. And not HD too. No HD = turned off factor.

GUNDAM SEED, the best suits are here

The mobile suits’ designs worth my “awwww” response 3x longer than the mobile suits in GUNDAM 00. They are intricately design and seemingly much more powerful. While in GUNDAM 00, the main focus of the technologies are revolving around the Solar Furnace, Twin Drive and Trans-Arm, you got a whole lot more in GUNDAM SEED. Wing of Light (Destiny), N-Jammer Canceller, Hyper-Deuterion Nuclear Reactor, Mirage Colloid Holographic Projection, Phase-Shift Armor, METEOR, HiMAT and whatever anything else you could name.

But, the obvious downside is the OS, and I dare to say, is quite hideous.

Strike Freedom Arsenals' console

Although the operating systems gain a significant attention on the series (Kira altered the OS after he faced difficulties maneuvering Strike for the first time, Kira fixed the Strike’s OS, Kira reprogrammed MS Astray’s OS). Still, if the GUNDAM SEED needs improvement, I’d mark the ballot paper for much more modern operating system. And no more analog buttons.

GUNDAM UC. I’m still watching it

The OS likens the OS in GUNDAM 00, and it is final-touched with much more ‘awww factor’. One thing I like the most about this series is the combat animations are much more ‘rock-solid’ and more realistic than which can be seen in GUNDAM 00. The GUNDAMs are much more beautifully-design (thanks to the red-lining Psychoframe and the cockpit’s panoramic monitor).

MSG unicorn with the visual controls

But, there’s a downside. I don’t really have the capacity to like the character designs. A bit classic rather than classy.