CommonApp & SUNY: August 1

by Aizan Fahri

I was resuming my application for SUNY Buffalo (UB), Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) and Penn State. I was on the CommonApp a while a go, and this is what I got:

CommonApp 2014 undergrad admission

As for those who want to apply for Spring 2014 term, you have to do that on August 1st. Same goes to SUNY applicants.

SUNY undergrad for 2014 term

For Penn State, the application for Spring 2014 is already open. Make your move now for Penn State.

The most important thing right now is… a loaded credit card. Later on I’ll update about the application fee for the universities stated above. Right now, I’m trying to contact seniors and also the counsellors (of the universities). Need more certain specific information.