Spotlight disabled. the end.

by Aizan Fahri

My hunch was correct. The laggy and saggy performance was Spotlight‘s fault, or specifically, the underpinning processes: mds and mdworker. After series of hunting the trapped witch (which spanned from checking the SMART status, benchmarking using GeekBench and testing Disk Read/Write speed, fixing disk permission), I told @pali7x that I was a bit curious about the Spotlight‘s suspicious activity: always re-indexing from time to time, with ETA no shorter than 4 hours each time of re-indexing.

Use this command line to disable the Spotlight:

sudo launchctl unload -w /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/

The witch then got burned at stake. I restarted my MacBook, brew some tea and opened it again. Good lord there was no annoying spinning beachball, VLC much more responsive, Finder regained its responsiveness reading NTFS drive and HFS+. Everything back to normal again.

As for Spotlight, I haven’t done the full checkup/cleanup yet, and right now I’m relying on the QuickSilver.


That’s it!