Ramadan 2013 action plan

by Aizan Fahri

Hi! Aizan’s here. I would like to discuss about the Ramadan Action Plan with you guys. To ensure a success rate of 100% for this year’s Ramadan celebration with minimal deed errors, I’d like to describe my action plan, here on Revival.

ramadan action plan

  • reconstructing the execution of Tarawih prayer. Full 20 raka’at.

This is the fun part. Ever since I was a kid, I couldn’t materialize this dream into visible action. For this year Ramadan celebration, I’d do it like this:

Isya’ prayer and the first 8 raka’at of Tarawih are conducted at nearest musolla/masjid, while the rest of it are done at home after reading few stuffs to regain mental consciousness and to load-balance the willpower. Then, I’ll do 6 + 6 raka’at of Tarawih, which means I do the 6 raka’at first, take a tea break and continue the other 6, maybe after I’m done tweeting or updating blog.

  • reading al-Quran and learn the meaning of it

To maximize the conservation of energy and to minimize the loss of saliva, I’d do less reading on Quran during the day, but I won’t sprint at night. Instead, I read a page or two along with the translation. That’s all? Not yet. I will continue the lesson by downloading and watching videos on Tafsirul Quran given by Nouman Ali Khan (browse here too, Nouman Ali Khan collection on YouTube).

Aiming to have a meaningful Ramadan starts with having a meaningful session with Quran.

  • anime download mode would be conducted during night only

To reduce deed errors caused by untamed eyes, all anime and TV Series are going to be downloaded during night, and watched during night, too. As you know, anime nowadays can go wrong if there’s no fan-service. Yes, you have to read between the lines. And since the nights are celebrated with feats of learning Quran and readings, time for anime and TV series would be reducted.

  • more reading on hard-to-crunch materials

Ramadan is the month where we should do less talk, and read more *staring at the mini library behind me*. There’s a book about the The Concept of Education in Islam by Syed Naquib al-Attas that I’d like to dissect it. Few more books like The Satanic Verses and The Animal Farm too.

That’s all for now! Happy Ramadan!