Analyzing SMART status report

by Aizan Fahri

I’ve done analyzing the S.M.A.R.T status on this OS X. @pali7x recommends SMARTreporter, which can be downloaded here. These are the results.

01_SMART Reporter

The moment I installed SMARTreporter, this is what I got. HDD status is verified. There are 3 types of statuses; verified, failing and unknown. If the HDD is verified, the menubar icon is green. Green means safe, hence my HDD is running OK so far.

02_HDD status - verified

Let’s do the further check by using the OS X’s Disk Utility. Click on any disk, and simultaneously press “CMD” and “I“.

03_smart status verified on diskutil

Since the status shown is pretty simple and holds no detail, we need to further analyze the results from smartctl, and I’m at loss reading this.



If you need to read the raw output, you can get it here on PasteBin.

Please someone, help me T_T