fixing disk permission on OS X

by Aizan Fahri

Up till now I don’t know what’s happening on my MacBook. It was slower than before. These were the symptoms

1. Couldn’t quit (it became irresponsive, and I need to Force Quit it)
2. Right-click on Chrome became very laggy.
3. Saggy performance of Finder.
4. Finder read the NTFS Bootcamp drive really slow.
5. Spotlight couldn’t display results other than Dictionary and Web References.
6. Emptying Trash even for small size stuffs brought a progress bar dialog.

@pali7x said that it could be my HDD – wearing off. I was shocked, and I pissed my pants metaphorically. Changing the HDD means money, and moneys mean wallet, wallet means pants, and pants mean….

Cut the chase.

He said that I needed to repair the disk permission via Disk Utility on OS X. Here we go!

repairing disk permission OS X

Repairing. The first attempt it stuck on “Estimated time: 4 minutes”. Maybe because during the process I was playing a 720p anime on MplayerX, with Firefox (dTA) downloading a video of Edward Snowden, and the Chrome was there browsing few pages about the Journaling File System. I stopped it, and made a second attempt. Phew, craps were eased out.

done repairing permission

Tadaa! Culprits were busted by the Disk Utility. I shut my OS X down, and kept it cool for half an hour. After that, I resumed my works and fortunately, everything went almost normal. Almost.

Right now, I’m re-indexing the Spotlight.