dossier, stamp, and signature

by Aizan Fahri

Here it comes, the second episode of the story. So today I’ve finished another portion of this ungodly dossier-making process. It is about the stamp and also the signature box. Just because my former high school (or also known as secondary school), doesn’t have any stamp for verification in english, I need to order a unit.

the custom stamp

The stamp says

the stamp head wordingsJust that. Why I didn’t put the principal’s name? Because in the event of where principal isn’t at school / meeting, the vice principal or coordinator of department (humanity, vocational, science & math, etc…) can sign it.

For the recommendation letters, I specifically made them easier for the teachers: no need to stamp, just sign it. Hence, I wrote my counsellor’s name and my vice principal’s name and his/her position. In my case, I didn’t put any prefix like Tuan Haji or Yang Mulia whatsoever. Why? Because I think the western people just won’t get the meaning of that prefix.

the recommendation letter See? Simple.

For the official academic transcript, I followed Fariz Rahmat’s advice. He told me that I don’t need to make another stamp for the principal. Just write her name, position and anything that matters.

the official academic transcript


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