loading… and this takes time.

by Aizan Fahri

For the sake of keeping records and tracking progress, I think I need to constantly update about the progress of my dossiers. In the event of juniors requesting for information or consultation, I shall give ’em links and images as evidences / rough guidelines.

Since this is the threshold for waves of upcoming posts regarding university application for US universities, not so much information would be written. It is afternoon, and my tummy crawled for nourishment.

tracking the certs

Just being overly systematic. I used Spreadsheets (as shown above) to track the documents (copies of certifications in Bahasa, copies of translated certifications, copies of official academic transcripts, copies of letters and all). Done, just tick. Having problem, just jot the notes.

the packages

5 copies of everything (sum all of them, I got 200 ++ copies of certifications, but still haven’t done yet).

Completing the dossier is a considerably annoying task, and surely a daunting job. Fret not. Like having constipation or diarrhea, the trepidation and annoyingness would be eased out once the toilet isn’t the second bedroom.

More technical information would be posted soon here. Stay tune!