late night tweets, Jun 29

by Aizan Fahri

few plausible ideas

I was high on eargasm stimulant. Thanks to Silvery Wings and The Devil Regains His Strength. I tweeted few plausible ideas, comments and arguments. To make them easily accessible in the near future, I shall put them here. I’m not gonna embed, just retyping what I typed. At least I could work out on my typing speed and dexterity.

35k followers, and all I could read from there are non-thought-provoking tweets. Are we really on the different strata, or just me being the smarty-pants? I take the latter tho. It is not like I fully disregard religious advice but stating the obvious by using purely orthodoxical animal tales euphemisms just… phew ~

Or simply, I disregarded the appearance factor. You’re beautiful/handsome, you gain cult. Oh world why? I wish I’m Fatih Seferagic, and I tweet like APG. Who I’m reffering at? ManjewScha. It is not like I’m declaring social-virtual hostility, just wanna you emphatize the same feeling, provided we are like-minded.

Well, thought-provoking is quite simple. Stating the obvious thing (too), and stir in with some highly philosophical and purely archaic lexicons. Done! Example?

“thou and thine ass”. Looks cool? Yeah. Sounds cool? Probably. What’s the meaning? “You and your ass”.

On Finding Your Potential, Aiman Azlan was simply stating the obvious about geting out of comfort zone, and instantly I think people need to read Effort Rationalization by Nazran. Ideas presented by Nazran under Effort Rationalization provoke me better than anything else, I must say. Why? Because it explains the underlying psychological principle of getting out of comfort zone.

That’s all. Good night!