checking credit transfer availability

by Aizan Fahri

First of all, kudos to Firdaus Irwan for providing me this intel. Thanks bro.

checking credit transfer availability

During this boring hiatus, I decided to make it more meaningful. But still, boring. I got no one to troll in real life. So I decided to be in anyone’s service, publicly. Tadaa…

checking with ATU

Still has yet to be finalized. Might be useful for new ADFP students. Talking about being useful, looks like I need to write about SAT and TOEFL too. Not sure either I should do that on Revival or Frontier.

Why Michigan State University (MSU)? Because I found the credit transfer availability/equivalency system only on MSU’s website, assuming that most public universities in the States are using the same course conversion table.

p/s: 21st Century Inquisitor mode, switched ON.

p/s: Hey I found the similar system on Penn State University (PSU) too! Oh, on Purdue State University too. Btw, I haven’t thoroughly checked the Iowa’s TRANSIT system.