[OS X] Mail.app is not responding

by Aizan Fahri

This problem occurred to me early this morning. I tried to Quit this application, but it was hanging and I got to force quite it. I’m no fan of forcing something to shut down. I googled and I found the solution on Apple Support Communities. Since there are no images on that board, so I decided to write one, with pictures. Yeay! *giggles*

Here’s the original guide from the Support Communities.

the original guide

Layman would understanding close to nothing. Get your coffee ready, and read the rest of this article. The first step you need to do is to invoke a command dialogue to reach the com.apple.mail folder, which is ridiculously easy.

go to folder

Got it? So, let’s proceed to the next steep, which is also an easy one. After you clicked Go to Folder… a small dialogue box pops up, and enter this:


go library container

And, obviously, click Go. You should reach to a folder which looks the same as this:

mail app

And yes, please Move To Trash everything inside that folder. Don’t worry, next time you open Mail again, the data in that folder are reconstructed, and your preferences on the Mail are gone (nothing gonna change actually. In my case, I just needed to expand the sidebar again. That’s all).  Your linked mail accounts remain intact.

As far as I’m concerned, this problem is caused by the sandbox of the Mail. To be honest, I don’t really know how the sandbox works in OS X and as far as I know, most applications inside OS X (which you download from Apple Store) come with sandbox. To prevent the malware infection I think.