done reading Fair Game!

by Aizan Fahri


Finally! Done reading this novel after 2 weeks. I didn’t really have much time before because I got tests and needed to catch up my textbooks and tutorials. Less than 36 hours in Terengganu, I finished the other half of this novel, and I’m quite satisfied with the ending. Seriously, I didn’t expect the plot twist about the extra container on the Athena.

The bad thing? I’ve read 2 Stephen Leather’s novel. Fair Game is the eight, and I already read False Friend, the ninth. In Fair Game, I felt like being stigmatized because muslims were the enemy here. But in ninth, my breath flow much calmer because the 2 muslims were aiding the country to prevent terrorism.

So, what’s next?

I’m reading the printed copy of How To Read A Book. Reading this book requires me to manifest a whole new level of  focus and attention. Right now, I’m jotting down notes because information is overflowing.


Personally, I’d like to make this book as my personal choice of timeless reading for non-fiction book (and yes, Quran is already my timeless reading book). I will uncover the hidden gems, and occasionally I’ll post about the contents and my responses/comments.

Happy reading!