hollywood-tier, you say?

by Aizan Fahri

you dont say

The debate has long been sparked by spark plug between realist and idealist about the state of our entertainment industry. Before that, I’d love to present you a proverb,

“When you watch a reality TV show, a book commits suicide”

Which is quite true, if I put my glasses on and start watching most reality TV shows aired on Malaysian channels. Those farces do give me a kinda pain to my stomach, not resulting from heavy laughter, but the flinch kicked in as the result of intense disgust of such level of jokes. I’d better be enjoying Reddit.

And the debate is:

Idealist: We want something new. Our Gerak Khas is far more inferior than CSI Miami, our reality TV shows aren’t that really enjoyable, our films are always centering about the dark side of the community (bohsia, rempit and so on). We need something new and different. We don’t want what we have now as the hallmark of our country, which is quite a shame.

Producer: We want to produce something new and more informative etc etc, but the economy and market beg for something like this, something that we are currently running on.

This debate makes me think: Which stratum we are in now?