leveling is an art II

by Aizan Fahri

I have one thing to share, and to me it is apt that you read my rant by emulating Sheikh Hamza Yusuf Hanson’s voice.

“Using the example of pre-calculus and vector calculus is regarded as unconventional yet highly off-balanced comparison, thus I’d like say just solve the limit by using L’Hopital’s Rule for indeterminate forms without having learnt the concept of limit in the first place. Well, good luck my friend. I’m sure that you’re unsure how working steps look like, and have fun finding the answer. My statement is based on the order of when and where the Quran was revealed to Muhammad S.A.W. It was never revealed a complete book or naskhah, rather it was revealed in the very strategic and specific order”

… just to answer the question

“why in da’wah there’s kinda leveling or staging? I mean, why you can’t go in any camps or conferences without its order? I thought Islam is universal and everybody can be in at their own discretion in any camps/conferences they want”

I hope that I have ironed out something. My leveling is an art part I was a bit vague, and far from being meaningful. Oh, the question was actually asked by this person:

lets go in blind