perceiving time and dream

by Aizan Fahri

sand clock

Yes I’m celebrating exam right now. I need to scribble down something before I further elaborate it later on, either on Frontier or just another whitepaper under Mel St. Claire database. I got two things to ponder upon: how we understand time and how we understand dream.

Just now I’ve watched 2 videos about dreaming, one is from ASAP Science and another one is from Vsauce. Watching what Vsauce defined about dream made me realize something; a theory that dreaming is kinda a splash screen for something bigger running behind. Later on I elaborate. Hopefully.

Pondering upon time, I embrace and endorse the theory of parallel time and causal-effect multi threads. This theory of parallel time has been debated by physicist, and to my senses this theory coincide much with what I believe before, and also a quranic verse that I know.

Ok stop. Time to study.

p/s: Actually, I have a debt to settle.

p/s: I won’t hold myself but to stigmatize if you dare to murmur “this is too high” or “this is beyond my knowledge” or “too technical; can’t brain” etc etc. Before I quote gems from How To Read A Book, beg for forgiveness. Eh, jk. Now go study too.

p/s: “If you don’t tread into something beyond comprehension, forever you won’t understand anything new to you”

p/s: Oh please… without proper prerequisite about Higgs-Boson, I went in blind to understand about it. It took months. And still I don’t really get it at all.

p/s: If the definition of Inquisitor is not associated with Inquisition, I’d call myself as one of them. I prefer to search for something beyond my current comprehension, the extreme way.

p/s: Hek… say the one who are fiddling around rather than doing my assignments. Please someone kill me now.

p/s: I italicized too much. Help, help.